I play a lot of video games, and I collect older systems and games. For me, there is a fascination with the history of the medium that cannot be fully explained. In some respects, I feel that the older games were superior as they had no hint systems and the graphical limitations made storytelling more difficult, and yet these games were often more dynamic and engaging than their modern counterparts.

I love all kinds of old games, and I still play them whenever I can. I will pull out games from my collection, and post a little bit about them on the blog. For this first installment, I will be reviewing the game I have played more times than any other (and that I’m still playing), The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Title Screen

Looking at the title screen I am now realizing that this game is 18 years old, but it has held up amazingly well and is still regarded as one of the best games of all time. Anyway, A Link to the Past was a great refinement of the original Zelda methodology. (The Adventure of Link was an interesting experiment, but ultimately not where the series needed to be.) With massive dungeons and new items, its hard to become bored with this game even having played it dozens of times.

A Link to the Past also brought us many innovations that showed up in later Zelda games and are now an integral part of the series. A Link to the Past debuted the Master Sword and the hookshot.

The other major feature of this iteration was the creation of a light world and mirroring dark world. This mechanic created some fascinating game elements and one loophole by which you could skip form the first dark world dungeon to the fourth. (I still do this almost every time I play.)

Last but not least, A Link to the Past gave us empty bottles (and the now defunct bug-catching net). I don’t think that any Zelda fan will ever tire of carrying fairies around and thus not dying. (I also enjoy carrying random things like fish, but that’s just me.)

A Link to the Past is also available for the GameBoy Advance and comes with the four sword adventure. Several improvements were made in the transfer including keeping the shovel (Yay!)

If you ever have the chance, play this game! It is simply amazing, which is why I play it over and over again.