One of my favorite games that I consider to be underrated is The Legend of Dragoon for the PlayStation. Most people have never heard of it, and those that have tend to be split between positive and negative opinions. LoD is an RPG with a few twists. Primarily, there is no default attack, but instead each character has a series of “additions” that serve as attacks. The addition is the default method of attack and requires regular button pressing as two boxes converge onscreen. The addition system puts an interesting spin on the whole game, and it is the primary reason why some dislike the game.

Beyond the game mechanics, LoD has a rich story that is divided into four parts to coincide with the four discs that are required to hold the game. Although almost all RPG cliches are present, they are represented rather elegantly and there is enough fresh material to generate a unique setting. The characters are interesting, except for Dart who happens to be the main character and cannot be removed from the party. However, the other characters are all very colorful (and color coded), and most of them have interesting plot twists.

The Legend of Dragoon is a great RPG and often underrated. If you like RPGs and you have some time to kill (like 30-40 hours), go find a copy of LoD and give it a try.